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Chocolate for doctors and elderly of Tambov

Gift a chocolate bar to somebody else: doctors and the elderly while supporting craft chocolate business in Russian province.

Maria from @marussia_chocolate and myself are doing a project! It is time to support someone together!

Currently there are a lot of old people isolated in nursing homes in Russia. The situation is already quite harsh here in Europe but in Russia it is even worse. Most of them also cannot afford any chocolate with their budget. Never in their lives.

At the same time there is medical staff. There are 3 hospitals in Tambov city where Maria manufactures her chocolate, and they deserve something to lighten up their day.

Therefore Carambole and Marussia decided to deliver chocolate bars to the doctors at the Tambov infectious diseases hospital, Tambov oblast Babenko Hospital and the Central hospital for the Pokrovo-Prigorodnoe district.

We'll also be delivering chocolates to the residents of the Tambov Nursing home for labor and war veterans.

Why does Carambole do this?

For 2 simple reasons. First: To offer those people a little bit of happiness and feeling of not being forgotten. Second: For Masha's business it is a chance to survive in the current economical disaster.

Many of you know Maria and enjoyed her chocolate already at Chocoa 2020, (where we had stands next to each other). First female bean to bar maker in Russia - and she is rocking it not in the capital, but in the Tambov province which is even more stunning!

And to put my money where my mouth is: Carambole has donated 10% from all the online box purchases of the last 3 weeks to to bootstrap this project, today!

How do I know my money went to people?

It is a matter of honour for us and to me personally. Here I can only give my word which is my most valuable currency in this not very profitable world of bean-to-bar, we will be spending each Ruble on chocolate. We will be posting on Instagram as we go along.

What do I get out of this?

Knowing people smiling will be the only reward. We will be endlessly grateful but won’t offer any chocolate goods in return.

Why should we support someone in Russia, so far away?

I think support is needed where it is critically needed. People and chocolate makers in Russia are not getting any subsidy at all. It is not about quality of life/business. It is about survival.

Great, I want to take part. Now what?

Use the button below to buy some chocolate for the nursing home residents and doctors.

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